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Holland Tax form Jaaropgaaf and tax documents

If you have received a letter from Belastingdienst or Jaaropgaaf from your employer, here you can read explanations about Dutch tax documents.




What is a final form Jaaropgaaf (or sometimes "jaaropgave")?

Your employer should provide you an annual overview of your salary and all taxes after the end of the tax year (31 December). This overview is called Jaaropgaaf and you will need this form to complete a Tax return (aangifte Inkomstenbelasting). If you have worked for more than one employer in the tax year you will receive Jaaropgaaf from each employer.


The form Jaaropgaaf shows: total earnings  "Loon loonbelasting / volksverzekeringen"; taxes (income tax and national insurance contributions)  - "Ingehouden loonbelasting / premie volksverzekeringen"; working person's tax credit - "Verrekende arbeidskorting"; tax code for the correct withholding taxes from your wage - Loonheffingskorting

View an example of Jaaropgaaf
View an example of Jaaropgave


Can I apply for tax refund if I have not received Jaaropgaaf?

Yes, we accept your tax application, even if no Jaaropgaaf. If you never received Jaaropgaaf, or you won't be able to get this form, don't worry our tax manager can obtain one for you.


The service fee for recovery Jaaropgaaf - 17.50Euro, and payable after the tax refund.

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How I can find the amounts in the my last payslip which is included in Jaaropgaaf ?

On your payslip you can read how much taxes from your salary is paid: the wage income is listed with the cumulative amounts - "Loon loonheffing"; the income tax and national insurance contributions are listed with the cumulative amounts - "loonheffing".
View an example of last payslip



What is the provisional assessment "Voorlopige aanslag"?

A preliminary assessment "Voorlopige aanslag" is a letter from the Tax office with information about tax repayments (Te ontvangen €) of tax or underpayments. Also after submitting a tax return, you will receive a preliminary assessment from the tax authorities.


Once the Dutch tax authorities have checked the return, you will receive a final assessment (Aanslag) with information about tax repayments (Te ontvangen of te verrekenen €) of tax or underpayments.

View an example of Voorlopige aanslag
View an example of Aanslag



What is BurgerServiceNummer (BSN)?

It is a general unique registration number for every Netherlands citizen and is to be used for employment, open bank account and register with the public and government services.


You will receive a letter with confirmation and BSN number when you are registered with your local council (GBA).

View an example of BSN







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