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So we have a clear aim - To provide a simple and safe way of Euro tax refund!

Welcome to the web page of company EUTAXBACK.COM - an expert in the providing of services for tax refund from European countries. We will save you money!

We are an European based company, registered in Latvia in 2005 and providing tax refund services for anyone who is working or has worked abroad.

We have developed a website easy and affordable online tool where you can get free advice, calculate the amount of the tax refund, file an Application for tax return and get TaxPack forms - through our website.

Our tax experts work directly with Tax Office services of the countries from which the tax refund is claimed. We offer effective and safe service.

So we have a clear aim - to provide a simple and safe way of Euro tax refund!

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Latvija, LV-5401
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Jekabpils | "VIZAS UN ATPUTA"
Address: Pasta iela 5 Jēkabpils, LV-5201
Working hours: Working hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, GMT+2h
Contact us by phone: Tel.:(00371) 267 503 53 ((Nina - Manager)
Daugavpils | EUTAXBACK.COM
Address: Mihoelsa 66, Daugavpils, Latvia, LV5401
Working hours: Working hours: Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm, GMT+2h
Contact us by phone: Contact us by phone:(00371) 270 800 82
Email: Email: info@eutaxback.com
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Why choose us? Only facts...
Apply tax refund - free
(No Upfront Fee)
Our principle is - No Upfront Fee! We will submit your tax refund application and provide you service without up front fees.

Our fees are charged at a percentage of the tax refund you receive as a result of our work.
0 Forms
(P45, P60, Jaaropgave etc.)
You asked - we heard. Enter discount code «0FORMS» into Application form and we will retrieve your forms - for free!

The standard fee the retrieving of one form is - 17,50 - now it's your saving!

We accept your tax application, even if no final document from the employer or Invoices. Our Team will replace them for you. You will need just to Apply On-Line now.
of the process
During the process of tax refund we will keep you informed. We indicate your contact details in all forms and Tax Office sends a copy of all letters and tax calculation for you.
Low commission fee
Our fees are charged at a percentage of the tax refund you receive as a result of our work.
Our commission fee is calculated from amount of successfully received tax refund and starting with 10%
FREE refund estimations
Our expert will contact you immediately at the moment we receive the signed TaxPack from you and inform you about the amount of tax refund that you can receive. Also you can try our free online tax refund calculators.
TaxPack Online
We have developed own Online System where you can download all your PDF forms and TaxPack with your personnal details: Name, Address etc.
You do not need to fill out any forms by hand, you just print TaxPack forms and sign.

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+371 678 593 75
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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E-mail: info@eutaxback.com
Skype chat: eutaxback
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