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According to statistics, more than half of the foreigners working in the United Kingdom overpay taxes, because they did not use their allowances in full.

Fortunately, the UK Income tax act allows to reduce the amount of wage tax or Income tax by using tax credits and tax free allowances. You can get tax credits in full only if you file a tax return or tax forms.

Filling and submitting a tax return requires special knowledges. You can do it yourself but millions of people found the easiest way – they use tax companies to prepare and submit their tax return.

EUTAXBACK.COM is a registered tax agent with HMRC and because we are regulated by Tax Authorities you can be sure that you will receive your refund on time. If you have not filed your UK tax return yet, do it with our help. It is simply and cost-effective!

We also help those who have already started the process of tax refund but have difficulties or delay.

How do I know if I have overpaid tax?

Our long experience shows that the overpayment of tax can happen in the following cases:

  • You have changed several employers in the UK during the tax year;
  • You have worked in the UK as a seasonal worker;
  • You have worked for several employers at the same time;
  • You have worked in the UK as a foreign worker;
  • You live in a EU country and pay UK tax (SED) as a Seafarer;
  • You live outside EU country and pay UK tax;

Start a tax refund now

How to estimate the amount of a tax refund?

To calculate your tax refund please, use our tax calculator or contact our Tax Manager by email. After you enter the data into our calculator you get from us a preliminary estimation of the amount of the overpaid tax. The aim of our Manager is to provide you the most precise calculation. In any case, this tax calculation is free of charge.

Start calculating now
What is included in our service package

Our service package includes:

  • Filling and submitting UK tax forms and tax return;
  • Filling and submitting UK tax forms and tax return for seafarers;
  • Filling and submitting UK tax forms and tax return for self-emloyed;
  • Communication and correspondence with the UK tax office (HMRC);
  • Sending requests to employer/s for getting your annual pay and tax details (P45/P60/SoE).

Best price guarantee
Our fee for tax refund service is 10% of the amount of refund and not less than 49€. Maximum of advantages without having to worry about commission fee.

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It is so great when is all-inclusive
We do not charge extra fee for such important stuff as recovery of forms (P45/P60), restoration of forms, making requests and other.

Without risk and prepayment
Fee for the service is calculated and withheld from the amount of refund. We work according to the following principle: submission of documents - no upfront fee required!

Start a tax refunds now

How to get tax refund from the UK?
1. Submit an Application

At first, you submit an application for a tax refund on our website or in the office to our representative. It will take only few minutes.

2. Send TaxPack

We will provide you the TaxPack forms. You must sign them and send to our office or give them to our representative personally!

3. Receive your money

We take care of all the paperwork. Throughout the process, we liaise with the tax office on your behalf. Finally, the tax office will make a tax calculation and you get a refund.


  • If the tax office (HMRC) sends a cheque to you or transfers the money directly into your bank account. You must contact us and confirm the receipt of money. EUTAXBACK manager will prepare and send you an Invoice for our services. You need to pay an Invoice within 10 days.
  • If the tax office (HMRC) sends a cheque to our address. Our manager will inform you about the amount of refund and will send you an Invoice for our services. At the same time, you will get your money to your bank account. Our fee will be deducted automatically.
Top questions about UK tax refund
1. What documents or information do I need tax refund with the help of Eutaxback.com?
  • Copy of your P45, P60, Statement of earnings, or last payslip;
  • If you claim tax refund for current tax year, you have to provide ORIGINAL of P45 form (all 3 Parts);
  • For Seafarers additionally: seaman's discharge book, namely, the pages where all periods of work are indicated, copy of the logbook (namely, locations of ship/s and movements of ship/s), your employment contract/s;
  • For self-employed additionally: Income statement or Subcontractor Monthly Statements;
  • Copy of your ID or Passport;

*You may be required to provide additional documents depend on your personal circumstances.

See a sample of P45
See a sample of P60
See a sample of Income Statement
See a sample of Subcontractor Monthly Statement
2. Can I apply for a tax refund if I have not got any statement of earnings or P45, P60?

If the form has been lost or not provided - this is not a problem. Our tax manager will contact your employer to get all necessary documents. We do this job for you at no extra cost. It is so great when it is all-inclusive.

3. Can I refund tax if I continue working in the UK?
Yes, you can apply for a tax refund, even if you continue working and living in the UK. Be advised that you can claim your tax refund for the last four years. For example, in April 2015 you can apply for a tax refund for the following tax years: 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15.
4. Will I be able to return to work in the UK if I get a tax refund?

Yes, you can go back to work in the UK and you can apply for a tax refund even if you are still working there.
Tax Refund - is a general and legal procedure. It means that you have an overpayment of tax. The tax authority makes the tax calculation taking on account income, tax paid and eligible tax credits and allowances. Also they check your position for purpose of tax residency. If you’ve paid too much tax HMRC will send you a refund.

5. When I will get refund money?

After sending tax forms or submitting a tax return to the tax office (HMRC), you will receive a tax calculation in 12 weeks and your refund money will follow shortly. Sometimes it may take a little longer.

6. Does everyone have to file a tax return in the UK?

The obligation to file an income tax return does not apply to everyone.

If you're a basic employee (PAYE worker) and only have income from salary, you are not legally required to file a tax return, since the income tax is automatically withheld from your salary. Of course, if you want to get a tax refund, it can be done by filing a tax return only.
If you’re a freelancer, self-employed, run a business, if you are a landlord or have income from more than one country you must file an annual tax return and pay income tax though you have some opportunities to cut your tax payments.

7. Can I have a refund my National Insurance contributions?

The contributions are not refundable. All UK employees are liable to Class 1 National Insurance Contributions. Employees coming to the UK from EU countries and member states, should operate National Insurance contributions from the start of the employment unless they hold a valid E101.

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