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Ireland – Tax guide for Mobile EU Workers

Our Irish Tax guide is produced to help mobile EU workers who are moving to Ireland, or who are working in Ireland as a general workers, self-employers, freelancers, seasonal workers or seafarers. It will help you to understand the tax rates and benefits and also check that you are paying the correct amount of tax in Ireland.

Quick Facts
Tax Year to date 1st January to 31st December
Time limits for claiming a tax refund 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 tax years.
Tax free 0% of Income Tax Tax credits in 2013 and 2014 tax years:
  • €1650 - for a single person
  • €3300 – for a married person
Tax resident An individual is treated as a tax resident in Ireland in the tax year, if he/she spends 183 days or more in Ireland during the tax year.
Tax residents are liable to pay Irish tax on their worldwide income.
Non tax resident Non-residents are taxed on Irish-source income only (limited tax liability).
Non-residents are not entitled to full tax credits.
However, if you are a non resident and earn 75% of your yearly income in Ireland - you are entitled to full personal tax credits as a tax resident in Ireland.
Double Taxation Agreement Ireland has signed tax treaties with many countries to avoid double taxation.
The main aim of these agreements is to avoid that one taxpayer is charged similar taxes more than once on the same income for the same period.
Tax Authority The Revenue Commissioners
Salary The minimum wage for an experienced adult employee is € 8.65 per hour.
Filing a tax return
Who Needs to File a Tax Return?
  • If you're a basic employee and only earn income from salary - you are not legally required to file tax return. NOTE! If you want to get a tax refund, - this can be done by submiting a claim.
  • If you are freelancer, self-employed, run a business or have income from more than one country you must file a tax return.
Tax Return due date
  • 31th October
When will you get your refund money?
  • After submitting an electronic tax return, you will receive a Tax Calculation automatically.
  • If you send a paper tax return or claim letter (for basic employee), Revenue will send you a Tax Assessment in 8 weeks.
If you have paid too much tax (overpaid tax), Irish tax office will send you a cheque within 14 working days after the date of issue of the notice of Tax Assessment.
Tax Assessment
  • Once Inspector has checked the tax return or claim, you will receive a Tax Assessment.
The Tax Assessment (or P21 Balancing Statement) - is a letter with tax calculation and information about tax repayments or tax underpayments.
What documents or information do I need for filing a tax return with Eutaxback.com?
  • Copy of your Form P45 and P60;
  • Proof of income in Ireland;
  • Proof of expenses in Ireland;
  • Copy of ID or Passport;
If some of your forms have been lost or destroyed, - no problem, we will offer you recovery service at no additional cost.
Identification Tax Number Personal public service numbers (PPS) - is a unique personal number for every Danish citizen and is to be used for employment and government services. Number consists from letters and figures, for example, 1234567A.
Annual Statement from employer
  • Form P45. When you leave the job your employer automatically should give you form P45. P45 form is necessary for you: for tax refund claim and for claim of unemployment benefit.
View an example of P45
  • Form P60 - is the Annual statement from your employer. The form includes the details of your earnings and the amount of tax you have paid during tax year.
View an example of P60
Taxes, allowances and tax credits
Income Tax and Social Security 2013&2014 Income Tax Rates (single or widowed individuals)
  • 20% - from € 0 up to € 32 800
  • 41% - from € 32 800 +
2013&2014 Universal Social Charge (USC) Rates
  • 2% - from € 10 036
  • 4% - from € 10 037 up to € 16 016
  • 7% - from € 16 016 +
Allowances and tax credits Tax credits in the tax years 2013 and 2014:
  • € 1650 - for a single person
  • € 3300 – for a married person
Allowances for all taxpayers:
  • Medical, dental, laser surgery expenses
  • Flat Rate (employment) expenses
  • Tuition/college fees
  • Motoring expenses
  • Medical insurance
Freelancers & self-employers.
  • Business expenses. You can claim expenses for: business costs for vehicles, business use of your home, double household, accountancy fees, private use of business premises as a home.
! You can claim full allowances and get a tax refund when you file your tax return or send a claim form, only.
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