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9 am - 17:00 pm, Mon-Fr. (CET +2)

We speak English, Russian, Latvian and French

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Riga, Dzirnavu Street 57a, Regus business center, 2nd floor. Office No. 236, Entrance from Baznicas Street.

Daugavpils, Mihoelsa Street 66,
3rd floor., Entrance is located right next to the LMT Shop
Send your letters to:
A/K 48, Daugavpils, LV5401, Latvia

Legal address:
Mihoelsa 66-14, Daugavpils, LV5401, Latvia

Financial credentials

Registration number: 41503037472
VAT: LV41503037472
CEO: M. Isajevs
It's incredibly easy to get in touch with us
To visit our offices - only by appointment. Please call us +371 27080082 to make an appointment.

Mask must be worn. The staff wear masks.
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Frequently asked questions
How quickly will I get my taxes back?
We do our best to prepare and submit your tax returns (or tax forms and claims) to the tax office within 5 working days. In some countries tax return submitting is possible immediately. After communication will get started, our Tax Agent will report you the precise time.

Tax return processing time depends on the laws of the country. In common, it takes 2 to 3 months. In some exceptional cases, the maximum term is up to 3 years.

Sure, all the time we will check the status of the tax return and will keep you updated!
Why are you better than other tax return companies?
1. We make taxes friendly.
EUtaxback - ready decision for everyone who went abroad to work in any EU country. You may work on a ship under the German flag, at a construction site in London or in a greenhouse in Holland - we help all kinds of employees over 10 years in 8 countries. Believe us, you will have a good time while our specialists will communicate with the tax office and take care of the return of your overpaid taxes. The result you want to share with your friends.

2. 100% online service
It's very important that you can apply for our service from any location where internet access is available using your mobile, laptop or computer. All you need you find in your online account at my.EUtaxback: help with taxes, free calculation, correspondence, tax forms, tax returns. You ask questions and receive our consultations on PC or mobile free.

3. Really good deals
All you need is included into service package. You only pay for service if there is a tax return amount or if you agree with prepayment terms.

4.Insured from mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes. We not only correct the process to avoid any future mistakes but only we offer responsibility insurance: we guarantee 100% refund and a reimbursement of penalties occurred due to our mistake.
What is your experience?
Online service EUtaxback.com has been started in December 2007, although the company was registered in 2005.

How much does your service cost?
Whatever happens, we offer better prices than anyone else — in most cases, almost 80% lower than other companies do! It's true that you can order a service from us without an advance payment, and all is already included in the service package.

1. Services - when you pay % of the refund amount.

2. Services - when fixed fee apply.

Please read detailed information on page Pricing or in section on the page of the tax refunds country on our website.
Who does not suit our online tax service?
It is obvious that we are not experts in everything and our services does not suit everyone.

EUtaxback will not suit you if:
  • You prefer to communicate in person and are not ready to communicate remotely.
  • You are hiding your income.
  • You are looking to be served free of charge.
  • You are using rude language for communication.
  • You want to get immediate results from an Agent.

If at some point you changed your mind and want to refuse our service - to cancel an agreement with no extra charge you have 14 days from the date of applying for Service, just informing us in your own writing.

By the way, we reserve the right to refuse the Customer to provide services unilaterally — used several times 😉