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Any foreigner working in Finland has the right to get money from the State - to refund overpaid taxes. Don't miss out!

Can I refund
paid in Finland?

months in tax year you worked in Finland
> 6
> 2
tax credits need to request to get the tax refunds in full
Tax overpayment happens, if ...
of your yearly income was earned in Finland
> 75 %
Finnish taxes cut from 35% of the salary.
Fortunately, there are tax credits ✊✨ to pay less taxes

Some tax credits apply automatically. But to get the tax credits in full - just start with online registration and then our tax agent takes care of your Finnish taxes.
75% of income earned in Finland
In case if you worked less than 6 months, but you received more than 75% of the annual income in Finland, you are eligible to get a full amount of tax credits.
Expenses for temporary accommodation
When you are living separated from your family because of your work in Finland, you can claim a tax credit to cover your expenses (from 450 EUR per month).

Don't miss out!
tax credits in Finland

Travel expenses and temporary work.
When you have to pay for travel expenses in order to reach your temporary place of work in Finland (more than 750 euro), you are entitled to get the tax credit for your expenses.
We turn taxes
EUtaxback - is online service
with tax agents
EUtaxback - is online service with tax agents
To refunds taxes or ask for tax help — just start with online registration

You get safe online tax account with chat, pre-filled tax forms and tracking.
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Our tax agent will answer all your questions. Makes a calculation, completes the tax forms and tax returns, etc.
Our tax agent takes care of your taxes.
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Maximum of advantages,
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Just pay a flat fee, no stress how complex your Finnish taxes are.
filing a personal tax return, or change a tax return
one-time help to register bank accounts,
change registration address and others forms
Finland tax refunds, Finnish tax return, Finnish tax forms
Finland tax refunds, Finnish tax return, Finnish tax forms
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Free calculation
Tax agent estimates your tax refund and explains the reasons of overpayment.
Free advice
Our tax agent answers all your questions, at the very start.
Completing tax forms and tax return
We prepare, complete and submit your tax return, tax forms.
Communication with the tax office
We call or write to the tax office - all about your case.
About Finnish taxes and forms
Quick facts
Finnish tax credit for expat workers and foreign research employees
Both local and foreign citizens are able to use a wide range of tax credits in Finland to reduce the overall amount of taxes (called "vähennys" in Finnish language). Kindly note that general tax credits are automatically added to the tax return. But some tax credits can help reduce the amount of taxes you pay.

1) If you pay in Finland "special tax" for non-resident (35 %), are entitled to get the full amount of tax credits available for local citizens and tax residents, if any of two conditions below match:

  • Your salary in Finland is at least 75% of the yearly income,
  • You are staying in Finland for more than 6 months.
  • You are a citizen of EU/EEA country, or a citizen of country with which Finland has signed a tax treaty).

It's a great option if you paid the "special" tax rate (35 %) or worked only during a specific part of the year.
At the same time, you are able to get tax credits in order to cover transportation and food expenses, as well as to cover travel expenses and money spent on accommodation.

2) If you paid a special tax rate (35%) for non-resident, you can get a tax credit for income (in Finnish: lähdevero vähennys; källskatteavdrag).
If you receive this tax credit, the income tax is withheld after the non-taxable amount - 510 euros per month (or 17 euros per day). To get this tax credit, you have to make a claim.
Most topical tax credits in Finland
What are the benefits of tax credits? Claiming tax credits save you don't pay taxes on income you've already spent as work expenses.

Because it's profitable! According to the Verohallinto in 2017 - thanks to tax credits, 3.6 million people received tax refunds in the amount of 2.9 billion euros 😀👍 🔥🔝
Almost a million people received a tax refund of more than 1,000 euros.

Most topical tax credits in Finland for individuals

1. Commuting expenses. Travel expenses and temporary work. When you have to pay for travel expenses in order to reach your temporary place of work in Finland (more than 750 euro) - you are entitled to get the tax credit for your expenses.
If you don't ride public transportation for your commute, the calculation is based on the following values:
  • €0.25 per km for driving your own car
  • €0.19 per km for driving a company car
  • €85.00 per year for riding a bicycle.

It is beneficial, if you are married and have a child under 18 years of age, you can additionally claim an expenses of your trip to home on weekends, to see your family once a week.

2) Second home for work. When you are living separated from your family because of your work in Finland, you can can claim a tax credit, to cover your expenses - if all of the following requirements are met:
  • if you have a family (you child under the age of 18);
  • if you have rented a second home because of the location of your primary place of work;
  • if your second home is located more than 100 km from your permanent home.

In 2019 and 2020, the maximum deduction is €450 per month. However, the deduction cannot be higher than the rent you pay for your second home.
MyTax online tax reporting system
If you work in Finland or have to pay local taxes, you may visit the local tax authorities called Verohallinto to create an account in the MyTax online payment system (it's called OmaVero in Finnish).

The tax account contains summarized information about paid taxes, information from the tax-at-source card, tax returns, tax refunds, information from the employer and so on.
Current income tax rates
Kindly note that the income rate in Finland depends on the number of working days in the country. The higher the income, the higher are taxes.

Local people (workers) and tax residents of Finland are able to pay taxes after the deduction of tax credit (from the taxable amount).

More information

Non-residents of Finland are obliged to pay the so-called 'Special income tax' from the first Euro.
  • The tax rate for non-residents is 35%.

It is beneficial, if getting the tax-at-source card, you are able to pay taxes only from the income of more than 510€ per month (or 17€ per day). This is a source tax deduction (or ähdeverovähennys and källskatteavdrag in Finnish).
How quickly will I get my taxes back?
We do our best to prepare and submit your tax returns (or tax forms and claims) to the tax office within 5 working days. In some countries tax return submitting is possible immediately. After communication will get started, our Tax Agent will report you the precise time.

Tax return processing time depends on the laws of the country. In common, it takes 1 to 3 months.

Sure, all the time we will check the status of the tax return and will keep you updated!
Important dates
  • from 1 January to 31 December is a tax year in Finland.
  • to 2nd April - you have to get a copy of the tax return.
  • 7, 14 and 21 May - are the last dates when Verohallinto has to receive a preliminary copy of your tax return (in case of any changes). The deadline will be indicated in the tax return. You may receive a fine of 50€ for the late submission of the required changes to the tax statement.
  • 6 August to 5 November - You will receive the decision of tax authority

💡 By the way
You are able to make changes to the tax return within three years (starting from 2017). For the period of 2012-2016, you are able to do the same within five years.
Example no. 2: Information about required changes to the tax statement for 2017 have to be submitted before December 31, 2020.
Tax returns and tax calculations
People paying taxes according to the progressive rate will receive the tax return (called Esitäytetty veroilmoitus in Finnish). The tax return form is sent by mail from March to April. You need to check the address provided to the tax authority in case you didn't receive the tax return.

Check the correctness of the information provided in the tax return form
You will see several cells with the amounts in the tax return form. It contains information about the income, taxes and tax credits for the previous year.

  • Compare the amount of income in the form with the real income from your employer (section 1.1).
  • Check the amount of taxes (section 2.1).

In case if everything is correct, you don't need to do anything and the final tax return will be the same.

In case if you need to make any changes, you have to return the form to the tax authority before the date indicated on the top of the first page (Viimeinen palautuspaiva). In general, it's May 7, 14 or 21. You will receive the calculation of taxes in a couple of months.

What is included in the Verotuspäätös?
You will receive the tax calculation together with the tax return (it's called "Verotuspäätös" or "Beskattningsbeslut").

On the first page, you can find information about tax credits or unpaid taxes:
  • You will see the following word if you have to get tax credits: VERONPALAUTUS.
  • In case if you have unpaid taxes, you will see the following: JÄÄNNÖSVERO.
Tax identification number
In order to identify taxpayers in Finland, one needs to obtain the Personal identity number or Henkilötunnus (HETU).

  • The number consists of 10 symbols, for example, 251276-123A, where the first six symbols are the date of birth added with three more digits and 1 letter.

Starting from 2012, foreign citizens working in the field of construction are assigned with an individual identity number (called Veronumeron in Finnish).

  • The number consists of 10 symbols, for example, 251276-123A, where the first six symbols are the date of birth added with four more digits.
Thank you so much for your help, success and prosperity.
Thank you for your help! I hope that we will continue to cooperate.
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Taxes from: Finland