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If you didn't get monthly payments for medical insurance, you are free to submit a request and start insurance refund called Zorgtoeslag for 2021/22. The amount of refund depends on your salary and working period.

Can I get a refund for the Dutch medical insurance?

weeks required to receive the insurance refund
> 8
1 September
refusal of refund requests for the previous year.

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the maximum amount of refund per month for 2021
€ 107
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Refund of medical insurance in the Netherlands
Refund of medical insurance in the Netherlands
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About medical insurance in NL and forms.

Quick facts
Information about medical insurance and refunds
According to the legislation of the Netherlands, each citizen of at least 18 years old is obliged to purchase monthly medical insurance. The basic insurance package is called Basisverzekering. The same principle works for foreign citizens working, studying or living in the Netherlands. The price of basic insurance is around 100€ per month. You can find a company on your own, as well as use the services offered by the employee. As a result, you are able to pay for it as on your own, as well as use deductions from the salary.

Who is eligible for insurance refund
Any citizen of at least 18 years old, who paid for medical insurance services is able to get a refund (or Zorgtoeslag) in case if the total amount of income is lower than the clearly defined minimum allowance.
What is the maximum refund amount
In 2021, the maximum refund is 107€ per month or 1284 € per year.

You can find the exact rate that depends on the salary at Belastingdienst.nl
Decision about the refund payment
The preliminary calculation (called voorschotbeschikking toeslagen in Dutch) is a letter that contains information about the amount that you are going to receive for the entire year, or on a monthly basis.

In general, tax authorities are able to send the preliminary calculation in 8 weeks after receiving your request. In addition, you will receive a preliminary calculation for the next year at the end of every year.

The final calculation (called Definitive berekening in Dutch) is the same letter that contains information about the amount that you are going to receive. At the end of the year, tax authorities will receive the final calculation of the medical insurance refund.

The final calculation shows the exact amount of refund paid for the previous year, as well as the correct amount that you had to receive. In case if you never received any refunds, or received less than required, you will see the amount to be paid in the calculation. At the same time, you will see the amount to be paid by you, in case if you received more than you were entitled for.

💡 Useful tip:
  • If you didn't receive the Zorgtoeslag, or received the paper with 0 values, you need to contact Belastingdienst or one of our agents.
  • You can prepare the insurance refund request (Zorgtoeslag) on your own. You have to call Belastingdienst by the following number: +31 55 538 53 85. After that, you need to request the Zorgtoeslag form. In case if you have a profile in DigiD, you can submit a request at www.toeslagen.nl
Terminating the payment of Zorgtoeslag
If something changed, you need to leave the Netherlands, or your income increased, you need to inform Belastingdienst as soon as possible. You may be required to return received funds in case if you are not able to inform the authorities about such changes in a timely manner.
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