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Every foreigner working in Germany, has the right to get money from the State - to refund overpaid taxes.
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Can I refund
from Germany?

months in tax year you worked in Germany
> 6
+2, 3 ...
employers you had during one tax year
Tax overpayment happens, if ...
of your yearly income was earned in the Germany
> 90%
German taxes take up to 50% of the salary. Fortunately, there are tax credits ✊✨ to pay less taxes

Some tax credits apply automatically. But to get the tax credits in full - just start with online registration and then our tax agent takes care of your German taxes.
90% of Income earned in Germany
In case if you worked less than 6 months, but you received more than 90% of the annual income in Germany, you are eligible to get a full amount of tax credit.
Married Tax Credit
When one of the partners doesn't work at all or works only for a limited time during the year, another spouse is eligible for the married tax credit for the amount around €9408 (in 2020).

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German tax credits

Additional tax credits
Every time you pay for the studies, spend your money on work-related things or to cover medical costs, you are eligible for a 20% tax deduction for the number of expenses.
We turn taxes
EUtaxback - is online service
with tax agents
EUtaxback - is online service with tax agents
To refunds taxes or ask for tax help — get starting with online registration

You get safe online tax account with chat, pre-filled tax forms and tracking.
1. Get Started
Let's do this
Our tax agent will answer all your questions. Makes a calculation, completes the tax forms and tax returns, etc.
Our tax agent takes care of your taxes.
2. That's it.
Get Started
Well, that's it, you've got your refunds, we've got our %.
That's it
You can also get started by using whatsapp, viber or skype.
Just call or text us — we help you to register on our website and answer all your questions.
No risk, you can start without any prepayment.
Pay for the service only if there is a tax refund.
Fair price - all depends on
the refund amount.
If the refund amount is over 473€, service fee is 12,5% of the amount
If the refund amount is between 0€ to 472€, service fee is only 59€
Tax refunds from the Germany
Tax refunds from the Germany
All prices and commissions include VAT


Free calculation
Tax agent estimates your tax refund and explains the reasons of overpayment.
Free advice
Our tax agent answers all your questions, at the very start.
Completing tax forms and tax return
We prepare, complete and submit your tax return, tax forms.
Communication with the tax office
We call or write to the tax office - all about your case.
About German taxes and forms
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Taxes from: Germany
Taxes from: Germany